Green Chile Smokehouse

We are a Veteran owned family business that started from our deep passion of everything Green Chili.  Growing up in New Mexico you look forward to the fall season, not because the weather was changing, but because you knew it was Green Chili season and you would smell the roasters at every grocery store in Albuquerque.  In our humble opinion, Hatch Green Chili is one of the most flavorful chili's in the world, you get a great taste that can pack a punch.  There are quite a few different heat variations of Hatch Green Chilis and we love them all.  We use Hatch Green Chili in so many ways in our family, we use it on eggs, pizza, hamburgers, salsas, enchiladas, chicken stew and the list goes on.  It is so universal that all of our products came from sitting around a table with our Brother and Sister-In-Law talking about how we could add Green Chili to just about anything.

My wife and I moved away from New Mexico shortly after getting married and missed having fresh Hatch Green Chili.  My Mom would come out for visits every few months and during one of her first trips to visit us in Utah, she brought a few containers of frozen Hatch Green Chili.  Every trip after that, she literally had a large suit case filled with just Hatch Green Chili, the employees at the airlines must have thought she was crazy.  Years later we moved to the Phoenix area and once a year we make our pilgrimage to Hatch New Mexico to stock up on fresh roasted Green Chili (we have a freezer in our garage that is totally dedicated to our annual supply).

Our rub was formulated a few years ago when I wanted to add the wonderful flavor of Hatch Green Chili to a turkey we were doing for Thanksgiving.  It was a huge hit with the family and we started trying it on other meats which then lead to us trying it on just about everything we could think of that would taste better with Green Chili on it.  It wasnt till mid 2019 that I decided to look into spice bottles and see if anyone that wasn't familiar with Hatch Green Chili would like it.  So we made up a batch of rub, bottled it and took it to a few friends for them to try.  Everyone of them said it was amazing and they now use it like we do, on practically everything.  

The Green Chili Beef Jerky came to us during one of our annual trips to Hatch New Mexico and we bought a bag of Green Chili Beef Jerky from a gas station.  In the famous words spoke by the great Emiril Lagasse, I said to myself "SELF, you can do better than this" and that is how we started making our version of Green Chili Beef Jerky.  Very similar path that our Rub took, we just made it for ourselves and friends for the past couple years and from the same proding by our friends and family, we decided to start Green Chili Smokehouse. 

Our hope is to continue to grow our product offerings and also open our first food truck in the very near future.  Our family thanks you for your support, we are truly blessed and humbled by all of this.

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